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Larry Johnson Gave Reporters a Job (And Says They Didn't Do It)

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I'm starting to wonder if Larry Johnson is just messing with reporters.  Most of you know the background to this by now: After last week's game, LJ was asked about the playcalling near the goal line when his number was only called once and he responded, "Ego."  Multiple questions were asked and all he would say was, "Ego."

The audio is a strange sequence.  Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star is having some fun with it while we've spent some time trying to decide what it means (if anything).

LJ was asked yesterday about Sunday's exchange and it's almost like he was messing with the media.  He said it was a puzzle that no one could solve...yet.

"That's why ya'll are writers," he began.  "I gave you a job to do and no one did it so that's last week."

Can you just give us a hint?


You can watch video of yesterday's exchange here.  You can tell he's trying to hold himself back from laughing a little bit while the PR guy (Pete Moris) is smiling.  It almost makes me wonder if LJ's just messing with them.  

Or, it's possible he's back tracking now, trying to indicate it was some sort of joke or puzzle.  Possibly a Freudian slip?

For the record, both Matt Cassel and Todd Haley were asked about it and both said they hadn't heard about it.

Cassel: "I don’t know what RB Larry (Johnson) was talking about, you’re going to have to go ask him about that to be completely honest with you. That’s the first I’ve heard of it."

Haley:  "You’d have to ask Larry. Again, we were all disappointed in the outcome of the game and that’s the first I’ve heard it."

Moving on, LJ did talk a little football, even if the questions were aimed at uncovering this "Ego" thing.

"I'm looking for us to just not make penalties and do the stupid things we've been doing to hurt the offense and going back and forth, back and forth on the field," he said.  "It's making us look like a collegiate team.  We have to fix those things as an offense."

"Those games  we were close to winning, we should have just won," LJ continued in response to a completely unrelated question.  "As an offense, we're just frustrated because we always seem to be scoring in the second half, so if you could just put the second half in the first half, you're looking at 28 points right off the bat and if you can get 28-30 points you should win the game.  It's just frustrating that we have to do things at the last second instead of doing them right off the bat."