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ESPN Experts Pick Cowboys; Herm Picks Chiefs

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Thinking about making a (friendly) wager this weekend?  If you're in the habit of listening to Herm Edwards, then you'll want to go with the Kansas City Chiefs.  The former coach picked the Chiefs to upset the Dallas Cowboys this weekend.

That's not all.  ESPN conducted a poll asking who has the best chance of an upset this weekend.

The answer?  You guessed it.  Currently, 52% of respondents, and 49 of the 50 states, picked the Chiefs.

Check out the poll here.

The other experts weren't so kind, however.  All members of ESPN's eight man panel picked the Cowboys.  That includes Chris Mortensen, who currently leads the panel of experts with a 48-16 record through four weeks.

Check out the full list of expert picks here.

Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett has already said, "I don't think this team loses to the Chiefs."  Chiefs coach Todd Haley said, "I wouldn’t say it’s ever the right time to play the Dallas Cowboys."  ESPN's John Clayton said, "The Chiefs could be dangerous."

What do you say?