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Clayton: 'Chiefs Could Be Dangerous'

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You know, I've always kinda liked ESPN's John Clayton.  He seems fairly analytical and isn't afraid to go to the opposite field when it comes to voicing the mainstream opinion.  I liked him even more this offseason when he predicted the Denver Broncos would go 3-13.  Even though he's already wrong on that account, it doesn't change my mind about his opinions.

That said, he's got an interesting take on this weekend's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys.

Clayton was critical of Tony Romo for some ill-timed mistakes in the Cowboys two losses this season and argues that his erratic play could spell trouble for Jerry's kids.  He says that the Chiefs could be facing the perfect storm because of all the pressure Romo is under to perform.

"The Chiefs could be dangerous," Clayton writes.  "Even though they are 0-4, they have great fans and their 3-4 defense could gain confidence if Romo doesn't get off to a good start."

Romo is a pretty accurate passer thus far in his career.  However, 2009 hasn't been as kind to him.  He's only surpassed his career completion percentage (63%) once this season.  He has four interceptions in two games, both losses.  It's pretty obvious to me what the Chiefs have to do to win this game.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was previously the passing game coordinator in Dallas and was on the staff when there was a roundtable vote to determine whether the unheralded Eastern Illinois kid would take Drew Bledsoe's job.  Judging by his statements on Romo, I think it's fairly obvious how he voted.

"You know, he has a unique skill set for the quarterback," Haley said of Romo.  "He’s very athletic, extremely athletic, great vision. The athleticism allows him to move around. He doesn’t always use the athleticism to run; he uses it to keep the play alive and get away from pressure.

"But he keeps his eyes down the field and, again, you’d better be defending the whole field longer when he’s in there. You might think the play is over and he’s whipping it across the field breaking all the rules."

Haley definitely was and is high on Romo.  That much is clear when asked about his former quarterback.  But based on the statistics four games into the season, granted a small sample size, Clayton's perception that he has regressed as a quarterback is more accurate.

The key to a Chiefs victory this weekend is in the hands of Tony Romo and I think plenty of people know that.

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