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Chiefs Checking Out Hardy at Ole Miss, Alabama Game?

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Chris Steuber of is reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs will attend Saturday's matchup between Ole Miss and Alabama and that one of the targets is believed to be DE/OLB Greg Hardy.  It's safe to guess that the 6'4", 265 defender would be utilized as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme.

The San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings are expected to attend as well, though, the way the season is going for those teams, only the Chiefs and Titans may have a shot at him considering he's expected to be a very high draft pick.

NFL Draft Scout rates him as the No. 1 defensive end (or 3-4 'backer) and the No. 3 overall prospect.

He's coming off of an ankle injury but Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt said, "He is a force and hopefully he will just keep getting better and better."

He was a candidate for the NFL draft following his junior season but decided to come back after averaging a sack per game over the last two seasons.

He's a major, major force according to multiple reports - but only when healthy as he's had issues with that in the past.

I'm sure the Chiefs are looking at other players in this game in addition to Hardy but he appears to be a very, very solid prospect.  And since he's projected to go very high in the next draft, I imagine the Chiefs are at least preparing for another sub-five win season.