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Weston Dacus Still on the Chiefs Roster?

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Hs_9102_mediumA few weeks ago, someone asked why Weston Dacus was still listed on the Kansas City Chiefs roster.  He's under the Injured Reserve category but, the last I heard, he was released to make room for Tyson Jackson on August 7th.  In fact, the club's official release said Dacus had been released.

I've confirmed that Dacus is indeed on the Chiefs injured reserve, which begs the question: What the hell happened?

(And it also begs the question of why I put a question mark in the headline.)

The answer: I have no idea.  But I can start to connect some dots.

On August 5th, Dacus missed the afternoon practice with what we assume was some sort of undisclosed injury.  He missed the August 6th practice as well.  The next day, Tyson Jackson signed, and Dacus was the reported casualty to make room for Jackson on the 80 man roster.

My guess?  Dacus had some sort of injury which prevented the club from releasing him without an injury settlement.  After that, I'm not sure what happened.

It's not the first time (and definitely not the last time) a player has been injured without any information from the team.  Rookie Colin Brown was placed on injured reserve when the 53 man roster was determined on September 5th and that was a complete surprise as he had participated in everything up to that point.