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Chiefs Offensive Line Holding Steady in Their Mediocrity

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If you've been reading sports blogs long enough, you've certainly come across Football Outsiders. Basically what those guys try to do is take some of that Sabermetric baseball stat thinking and bring it into the NFL. The stats don't always translate into hard facts and personally I found the stats to be inaccessible to the normal fan but it's still interesting to see what these guys come up with.

Through the fourth week of the NFL season, here's what Football Outsiders has to say about the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line:

  • Ranked 31st in run blocking
  • Ranked 28th in pass protection
  • Ranked 19th running to the left end
  • Ranked 6th running at the left tackle
  • Ranked 31st running up the middle
  • Ranked 32nd running to the right tackle
  • Ranked 7th running to the right end

Now I'm assuming right and left ends means running outside of where the tackles are lined up. The Chiefs don't show much of a preference in which side they choose to run the ball at, running both left and right about equally so far this season.

While these Football Outsiders NFL stats are nice to have, I still prefer our method of tracking the Chiefs offensive line improvement, or lack thereof.

Our tracking numbers are after the jump.

Stats  +/- Change  Week 1  Week 2  Week 3 Week 4
Sacks  2 3 2 3 5
Rush yds  6 29 173 99 105
Rush TDs  0 0 0 0 0
Rush 1st downs  2 1 10 4 6
Penalties  -2 1 6 4 2
Tackles for loss by def.  5 8 6 5 10
QB Hurry  2 2 6 5 7
Stuffs  -2 6 3 8 6


Of course, the caveat (and there always seems to be at least one or two) is that the Giants have the #1 ranked defense in the NFL. So keep that in mind as you discuss these numbers.

It's tough to see zero rushing TDs so far this season but we're used to it. In 2007, the Chiefs didn't get their first rushing touchdown until Week 6.

One bright spot is that despite the Giants having one of the better if not best defensive lines in football, the Chiefs were able to reduce the number of rushing stuffs by their running backs.

Also, offensive lineman penalties continue to drop which is a HUGE relief. Brandon Albert and Brian Waters both had false starts last week and that was it.

The floor is yours APers, unless you're already burnt out on o-line talk. If that's the case, I'm going to be doing this post earlier in the week so it's more relevant.