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How to be a Homer and LIKE What the Chiefs Did Against the Giants

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Wow, talk about the stretch of the century. Am I really going to talk about positives for the Chiefs in their embarrassing loss to the Chiefs?

Yes, I am going to do just that.

First, let me make it clear that the Chiefs stunk on Sunday. They lost because they deserved to lose, but remember what I said earlier in the season about having realistic expectations about the Chiefs this season. The Chiefs are not talented. They have noticeable gaps at several key positions, and their depth is completely non-existent. What happens when an untalented team squares up against a loaded team that will probably make the NFC Championship game and maybe even the Super Bowl? Well, let me ask you this: what happens when a lowly mouse squares up to fight against a cat? Don't believe what you see on Tom and Jerry. The cat will dominate the mouse every single time.

The Chiefs were supposed to lose to the Giants. They were grossly outmatched. If you're trying to judge the Chiefs' performance by wins/losses, yards gained/lost, points scored/given up, then you're making a very big mistake. As I said before Sunday's game, the Chiefs had a shot at winning if they were perfect and the Giants didn't show up to play.

The Giants showed up to play. And the minute that became apparent, the Chiefs were screwed.

It's like this. If you're Wal-mart trying to measure the company's performance, you have to set a very high standard. If you're Joe's Store 'o' Crap trying to make a local presence in Kansas City, you have to set the bar much lower. Rather than get upset over big losses, we need to focus on small wins. Earlier this week, DThomasReigns wrote a very analytical column on Arrowhead Pride about how the defense isn't improving. I couldn't disagree more. 

The Chiefs didn't play great defense against the Giants, but they played much better this Sunday than they have all season. The Chiefs finally started to get some pressure on Eli Manning, which is quite a feat given how impressive the Giants' offensive line is. Eli looked rushed on a lot of his throws and at one point in the game, even looked flustered. That's a small win for a team that hasn't touched a quarterback for almost a year and half. Credit Eli Manning for doing such a great job of dealing with the pressure. He made quite a few impressive throws under duress.

The offensive line also played significantly better on Sunday than they did against the Eagles. Against Philadelphia, the Chiefs weren't just outmatched, they were completely outplayed too. The Chiefs' o-line looked confused and unprepared. It was simply stunning how many defenders plowed into the backfield completely untouched. Against New York, the protection was more consistent. Don't get me wrong, the protection is still awful, but at least they started limiting their mistakes. I don't think fans fully understand how difficult the offensive line is making it for Cassel to succeed--even when the protection looks immaculate, the pocket is still collapsing on him and he still doesn't look settled in the pocket. Who could blame him? Hopefully this game will help Cassel feel more confident in his pass protection. After all, the Giants' defensive line make a lot of offenses look bad.

It's also important to base any post-game evaluation not on a collection of players who are not in the Chiefs' long-term plans; rather, you need to base that evaluation only on players who you expect to be on the roster a few years from now. I thought the corners played exceptionally well and I saw the young defensive line perform much better Sunday than they have all season. Sure, the Giants ran all over the Chiefs, but there was never a feeling during the game that the Giants' run offense was going to take over the game. And on most plays, the Chiefs were a few steps off from making a big play either on Eli or the receiver catching the pass. There's little you can do when the QB and receivers consistently execute plays to perfection, especially when your pass rush doesn't have the talent to give a consistent rush and your safeties don't have the talent to dart to the ball in time.

So yes, Chiefs' fans, I understand that the Chiefs sucked on Sunday against the Giants. But I'm not terribly upset about the outcome. The Chiefs were supposed to get crushed by the Giants. They did just that. What's more important is that the Chiefs got a lot better on a few important areas.

If you judge the Chiefs on wins/losses, yards gained/lost, it's going to be a very long season.