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All Chiefs Players Are Practicing Today

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Good news out of One Arrowhead Drive.  All 53 players on the Kansas City Chiefs active roster and eight on the practice squad are healthy and practicing today.

These updates are coming from Bob Gretz and Josh Looney.

Last week, the club placed two players on the injury report.

LB Derrick Johnson suffered a groin injury but played in the game.  Indications from Todd Haley are that he wasn't completely healthy, which helps explain part of the reason he only got in ten plays.  He was listed on the injury report last week as probably.

WR Dwayne Bowe missed the game against the Philadelphia Eagles with a hamstring injury.  He made it to the practice field by last Friday and played in the game Sunday against the New York Giants.  He was also listed on the injury report last week and reports indicated that he was healing as the week went on.

LB Corey Mays injured his leg during last week's game against the Giants.  He came out and was replaced by Jovan Belcher.  He was out on the field practicing today.

Josh Looney reports the Chiefs started off practice old-school style by pushing seven man sleds.  He also has some information on the uniforms the team will wear this weekend in honor of the AFL's 50th anniversary.

"Also, Kansas City has replaced their white face masks with gray face masks in preparation for wearing their 1962 Dallas Texans uniforms this weekend," Looney says. "The Arrowheads still remain as decals though. The switch of decals from the Chiefs logo to the Texans logo is expected to occur on Friday."