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40% of the Country to See Chiefs vs. Cowboys on FOX

FOX has released the announcing crew for Sunday's matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys.  It must be a down week for FOX (it is) because the game drew their No. 1 crew: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver.  The trio are a stable of veterans at FOX with Buck having served 12 years, Aikman nine years and Oliver 15 years.

The game will also be shown to 40% of the country as FOX's nooner.  Or, as Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News says, it will be "inflicted" on 40% of the country.

Here are the other "duds" FOX has this week (via the DMN):

The network's lone 3:15 pm game

40% of the country for a 2-2 team vs. a 0-4 team?  Ouch.

Check out The 506 to see if you will be able to see the Chiefs game (should be completely updated by the end of the day today).