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Why Weren't the '09 Chiefs a Candidate for Instant Turnaround?

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We see this time and again every year, which leads to the common maxim concerning the level of parity in the NFL. Of course, every year there are unexpected teams that turn things around. And every year there are teams that fall to the ground after high expectations. Thus, there's a "any year can be our year" mentality that's prevalent among most franchises and fan bases in the NFL.

The Cowboys went from one win to perennial contender. The Dolphins turned things around in the first year of the Bill Parcells/Tony Sparano combination. The Falcons did the same magic turnaround with a new GM and Head Coach in Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith respectively. So when the Chiefs bring in the most celebrated NFL executive of the last decade (maybe outside of Bill Polian) and a hot up-and-coming offensive guru like Todd Haley, the thoughts naturally led to "Yes, it's our turn!"

But obviously that hasn't been the case. The first-quarter of the '09 season finds the Chiefs looking as bad as last year's team and, in some instances, even worse (i.e. the Raiders and Eagles contests). There seem to be as many (or nearly as many) holes on our current roster as there was 9 months ago and that's with over half of the original team gone from the roster.

The reality is that most struggling teams in the NFL continue to struggle the following year. But the exception or two that comes along with each season brings hope that instant turnaround is possible.

So we'd love to hear your opinions. Why do you think the Chiefs failed to respond in the same way a Falcons or Dolphins team made the magic leap?