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After Less Than a Week, Leonard Pope the Chiefs No. 2 Tight End

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Since the loss of Tony Gonzalez, the Kansas City Chiefs have tried a handful of combinations at tight end.  They signed one (Sean Ryan), released a few, drafted one (Jake O'Connell) and signed one off the street last week.

The one off the street, Leonard Pope, has in five days vaulted to the second tight end spot on the team behind Ryan.

Yes, folks, signed on Wednesday and threatening the No. 1 job by Monday.  Impressive, isn't it?  Well, maybe not.

Brad Cottam was inactive against the New York Giants and is now listed on the third team.  O'Connell is behind him.

The rest of the changes are after the jump.

Kick returner

Jamaal Charles now the No. 1 kick returner ahead of Dantrell Savage which is interesting since he fumbled in last week's game (after repeated warnings from Todd Haley).

New players

David Herron takes the place of Monty Beisel on the third team ILB

Mike Richardson takes the place of Ricardo Colclough as third team RCB

Notable non-moves

  • Jovan Belcher is still behind Corey Mays at ILB.
  • Ryan O'Callaghan is still the No. 1 right tackle.
  • Gasp! There is no holder listed behind Dustin Colquitt.
Tomorrow is Transaction Tuesday so there's a good shot this won't be the final depth chart as the Dallas Cowboys come to town.