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Chiefs P Dustin Colquitt the Best in the NFL

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525065m_mediumYou were wondering if the Kansas City Chiefs had something to hang their hat on?  Well, they do.

Punter Dustin Colquitt is the best punter in the NFL a month into the 2009 season.

Colquitt's 26 punts are second in the NFL and that's not a good thing for the Chiefs offense.  But he's taking advantage of those opportunities.  

His 44.5 net yard average is No. 1 in the NFL.  His 2.5 yards per return is also No. 1 in the NFL.

Only one punter has created more fair catches.  His nine punts inside the 20 is good for third in the NFL.  

Punting isn't a statistic that makes the headlines but it's one of those little parts of the game that, when combined with the appropriate offense and defense, can make the difference over the course of a season.

So, congrats to Mr. Colquitt for being the best punter in the NFL through the first quarter of the season.