How'd we get in this mess?

This all started in 2001

If you take an objective look at why the Chiefs have been so bad the past few seasons, then you have to start with 2001. That is the year we brought in Dick Vermeil. I know most people will have a horrible reaction to that statement but keep reading and allow me to explain.

Marcus Stroud, Santana Moss, Steve Hutchinson, Casey Hampton, Nate Clements, Reggie Wayne and Todd Heap all were selected in the first round past the 12th pick. The 12th pick in the ’01 draft is what we gave to St. Louis for Trent Green. I like Trent as much as anyone but he only gave us 5 years of service while all of these people are still producing at a high level.

Kris Jenkins, Aaron Schobel, Matt Light, Chris Chambers, Travis Henry and Shaun Rogers are all pro bowlers who were taken after the 42nd pick in the draft which is the pick we gave up to St. Louis for Dick Vermeil. Once again, I like Vermeil as much as the next guy but all of these players with the exception of Henry are still in the league producing at a high level for their teams.

Eric Downing, Monty Beisel, George Layne, Billy Baber, Derrick Blaylock, Alex Sulfsted, Shaunard Harts, Terdell Sands are who we drafted. Read those names again and keep in mind that T.J. Houshmandzadeh was drafted in the 7th round of the ’01 draft and none of these players are on our roster.

I could go on to the subsequent years but I wanted to focus on the ’01 draft because it was the beginning of the end. It began a disturbing trend of trading valuable picks for veterans, while most were good, who were near the end of their careers. It also began the trend for selecting poor talent with the picks we did keep. Basically, beginning in 2001, the Chiefs, led by Dick Vermeil and Carl Peterson, mortgaged our future on some veteran players and coaches that ultimately failed to win anything significant for Kansas City.

So next time you wonder why we don’t have the talent that other teams seem to have on their rosters, just look back to the "glory years" that Dick Vermeil gave us beginning in 2001 and the decisions that were made for the benefit of right now versus what’s ultimately best for the franchise. You will then understand.

You will also understand the need for patience as we attempt to do things the right way.

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