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Chiefs QB Cassel's Stats Through Three Starts Look Familiar

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During the Herm Edwards era, the Kansas City Chiefs tended to start slow.  We analyzed a lot of the statistics and offered up reasons trying to justify the slow starts.  Then we looked back at Edwards previous stops and noticed that he has a history of starting slow.

So, when looking at Matt Cassel's start, which doesn't have the gawdy statistics that he put up throughout the course of the 2008 season with the New England Patriots, I took a look at his first three games with the Pats.

And they look similar to what he's currently doing with the Chiefs.  Of course, the situations are completely different and this isn't necessarily indicative of his current situation with the Chiefs but it's kind of interesting.

He's completed 53/89 passes which is about a 60% completion percentage.  Last season in the first three games, he was 48/72 for about a 67% completion percentage.

He now has 458 yards.  Last season he had 448 through three games.

He's thrown five touchdowns to two interceptions.  Last season, he had thrown two touchdowns and one interception.

The numbers are fairly similar (and he's actually got more touchdown passes). The difference though is that the Chiefs are 0-3 in Cassel's starts this year.  He was 2-1 in the first three last year.

Last season, by week four, the passing yards began to take a jump and by week six he was throwing more touchdowns.

Maybe it's just a slow start.  Or maybe this is how his season will go.  But he did start slow last year, and he ended strong so I'm holding out hope that he's going to pick it up like he did last season.