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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Still Saying All The Right Things

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One of the first things I noticed in Matt Cassel's first press conference as a Kansas City Chief is that he said all the right things.  The work is never over, it's all about giving effort and, most importantly, he never pointed a finger at anyone.

In the day and age when players have direct , un-edited access to the world (Twitter), it's easy to let your guard down and exhibit some frustration at times.  It's especially easy when your team is 0-4 and has as many holes as the Chiefs.

We're not a month into the 2009 NFL season, and Matt Cassel is still saying all the right things.

On the most criticized part of the Chiefs offense:

"I think they’re (the offensive line) doing a good job. They’re out there giving 110 percent each and every play. We’re just going to continue to work at it until we get it right."

And the offensive line's protection?

"I’m comfortable. I know that when we call a pass I need to do my job. I need to drop back, I need to keep my eyes downfield and try to deliver the ball. That’s my job. Their job is to do what they’re coached to do. I don’t know much about the offensive line, and I don’t critique them because everybody has good plays and everybody has bad plays, same thing with me. We’re just going to keep working hard, like I said."

And the offensive playcalling that we all love to criticize so much?

"I’m not calling plays out there. You’d have to ask Coach Haley about that."

One thing you can say about Matt Cassel: He makes the local reporters work for their angle because he's not giving anything up.