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Chiefs Have Converted Only Two of Last 27 Third Downs

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You read the headline correctly.  Dating back to the last possession of the Oakland Raiders game, the Kansas City Chiefs have converted just two of their last 27 third down attempts.

2. Of. 27.

I just finished watching the game since I was traveling, but before I fired up the DVR, I checked the third down statistics since that's been one of many achilles heels for Chiefs.  

There's not a whole lot of analysis here.  It's just a terrible statistic.  First and second down incompletions and one to two yard runs are the culprit but you would think even sheer luck would give them a few extra third down conversions.

Revolving door quarterback teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cleveland Browns have a higher third down percentage than the Chiefs.  The Chiefs are 9/51 on third downs, which is 18% and last in the NFL.  And they've had their opportunities to make things happen.  Only 10 teams have more third down attempts than the Chiefs.

Today, the Chiefs were 2/15 on third downs in a 27-16 loss to the New York Giants.

The rushing and passing yards aren't very good which means the total yards aren't very good either.  In fact, only the Raiders are averaging less yards per game than the Chiefs.

Of all the statistics for the Chiefs, this one is the worst in my opinion.  It's the ultimate drive killer (in fact, it might be the definition of drive killer).  

In the first half, the Chiefs shortest third down conversion came on a 3rd and 7.  In the second half, it was a 3rd and 2, which of course they didn't convert.

After the game, head coach Todd Haley tried to see some glimmer of hope with the Chiefs success on fourth down.

“They rushed the ball for too much against us and we were awful on third down again, which has to improve. Now, we converted some fourth downs which I think fall into the same category [as converting third downs], in my philosophy.”

Ideally, though, the Chiefs don't attempt any fourth downs.