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Great Fourth Quarter Makes the Chiefs' Loss to the Giants Respectable

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Chiefs lose, 27 to 16. Stats are here.

Well everyone, I'm glad the Chiefs at least closed the gap in the fourth quarter against the Giants. What was looking to be a blowout turned out to be a respectable showing by KC against a great Giants team.

Here are my quick post game thoughts. Chime in with your defensive and offensive MVPs in the comments.

The Good

  • Two turnovers by the defense. A fumble recovery caused by Tamba Hali and a Brandon Flowers INT off of a Giants WR Mario Manningham tipped pass were defensive highlights. Hali's strip and fumble were Derrick Thomas-esque.
  • CB Brandon Carr had some great plays deep in the secondary.
  • RB Larry Johnson ran with an attitude and energy we haven't seen in a while. He fell forward, broke tackles and looked sharper on his cuts than at any point this season.
  • RB Jamaal Charles had a 53-yard kick return in the fourth quarter.
  • LB Mike Vrabel played a great game IMO. He constantly made plays, even if they weren't recorded stats.
  • TE Sean Ryan came out of the four TE mix to have a fantastic game. One TD catch and led the team in receiving with 48 yards.
  • WR Bobby Wade had a great TD catch at the end of the game on a busted play. Matt Cassel made a heck of a pass to make that play too.

The Bad

  • The Chiefs had three fumbles. They only lost one of them but this is a continuing problem.
  • QB Matt Cassel had a couple of deep ball opportunities that he overthrew.
  • WR Dwayne Bowe had a couple of missed catches that could be considered drops.
  • I know the o-line has its issues but I felt like Matt Cassel held on to the ball too long on a few of the sacks.
  • LT Branden Albert continues to get spooked into penalties.
  • Matt Cassel didn't have any picks but he could have easily had two or three off of tipped passes.
  • Goal line play calling was off IMO. Too many passes, not enough runs.
  • The Chiefs offensive line was again inconsistent. Not as bad as last week but not good either. They're improving, which is why they're in the Bad list and not the Ugly list.

The Ugly

  • RB Jamaal Charles fumbled on the opening kick off, setting a terrible tone for the rest of the game. His inability to hold on to the football is becoming a huge liability.
  • The passing game was atrocious for most of the game, except for the fourth quarter. Cassel ended up going 15/32 for 127 yards and two fourth quarter TD passes.
  • The post halftime onside kick was too risky of a call. Straight out of a video game.

Give us your defensive and offensive MVPs for the Chiefs in the comments. I'm choosing Sean Ryan and Brandon Carr. We'll have more for you later.