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Open Thread: Kansas City Chiefs v. New York Giants

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When: Noon Arrowhead time

Giants on SBN: Big Blue View

Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

Arrowhead Weather: Sunny, 59 degrees at kick off with a high of 65 degrees for the day

Listen online: 101 the Fox (click Listen Live in the upper right corner)

NFL TV Maps: The 506

You can find all of the SB Nation coverage for this game at this page. Inactives for the game are here.

The Kansas City Chiefs face a huge challenge today against the undefeated New York Giants. We know this is going to be tough. But it's Chiefs football, which also means its going to be a great time.

Arrowhead Stadium is the x-factor. Chiefs win, 27 to 24. Get your predictions in before the game starts.