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Mort: Chiefs, LJ Reach Settlement Agreement

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Photo courtesy the Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Chiefs have settled with Larry Johnson on a non-injury grievance he filed with the team in response to a team issued two-week-without-pay suspension earlier this week.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN has the result:

  • The player is still suspended until November 9th
  • The player only loses one game check, instead of two

This is not the result many of us had hoped and/or expected.  Basically, LJ gets a paid week off as his suspension is cut in half now losing only a little over $250,000 $330,147. That includes his $267,647 game check plus a $62,500 bonus he gets for each game, per Bob Gretz.

I think this is the result of neither side, particularly the team, wanting to have this distraction continue.  However, LJ is still on the team so I believe it will continue to be a distraction regardless of the other stuff.

It had been previously reported that the league and the union were getting involved in the talks.  If a settlement agreement hadn't been reached, a grievance hearing would have been held next week by an independent arbitrator.

We'll continue to update this as any more information comes in.