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Texans Fans Sure Seem to Like Former Chiefs S Bernard Pollard

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The Kansas City Chiefs surprisingly cut safety Bernard Pollard on the final cutdown day before the season.  He was out of football for a while before signing with the Houston Texans after the season started.  Texans fans appear to be pleased with what they're getting out of him.

These are a few fan quotes from Texans Talk:

From Section516:

In terms of purely stopping the run and giving us the confidence boost needed to do so, he is the tied with Cushing (First round draft pick, #15.) as the team defensive MVP. These two have competely turned around the team and their mentality.

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Again from Section516:

Cushing and Pollard hits and just overall meaness seems to have inspired the entire LB core, they just fly around and HIT. Yeah yeah, a late hit here and there, but man, thats what we NEED. Once this D gets their identity, LOOK OUT.

From Hardcore Texan:

I am loving the signing of Pollard. We were really struggling at the position so one team's castoff was our team's treasure. He might struggle a bit in coverage but he makes up for in playing against the run. He brings the wood, loves to give out a hard hit and plays with intensity. Maybe just an average safety with respect to the rest of the NFL but was a definite upgrade for us. We have not given up those big run plays since he has been on board.

From dalemurphy:

Pollard may have saved our season!

And, this last one from HOU-TEX is particularly telling as we sit here with sit here with 9 of the last 15 FanPosts being about the draft.

Anywho, no need to talk draft yet. Loads of football left.

The life of a team that hasn't won 3 of their last 31 games.