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Dungy: 'If I'm the Chiefs, I get rid of Larry Johnson'

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One of the most respected figures in the NFL community has given his opinion on the situation regarding Larry Johnson and the Kansas City Chiefs.

And it ain't good for LJ.

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show, Tony Dungy, who mentored Michael Vick as he made his transition back into the NFL, said if he were in GM Scott Pioli's chair, LJ wouldn't be wearing a Chiefs jersey.

"If I'm them, right now, I'd get rid of Larry Johnson," the former Colts coach said. "Larry Johnson is really trying to be a distraction."

This isn't a report citing sources like the ones we get from Adam Schefter and Kent Babb.  This is the opinion of a man whose opinions many people, including Commissioner Roger Goodell, take very seriously.

Now, I don't know the inner-workings of exactly what is going on.  But I can confidently say that Chiefs GM Scott Pioli respects the hell out of Bill Polian, the Colts GM who oversaw Dungy's tenure in Indianapolis.  And, putting two and two together, I think I can confidently say that Pioli respects what Mr. Dungy has to say.

Does this mean he will take his advice?  No.  Does it mean LJ will never play for the Chiefs again? Not necessarily.

But Dungy's advice has been sought by Commissioner Goodell in the past so I tend to notice what he says.

Another interesting dynamic about Dungy voicing his opinion on the situation is this: If Dungy was willing to vouch for Michael Vick, and not Larry Johnson, what does that say about LJ's future in the NFL?  The NFL Commissioner sought Dungy's approval/input on the Vick situation so it's obvious that important folks in the NFL take his position seriously.  

Not a good day for LJ, in my opinion.

The overwhelming opinion of those folks in the football world appears to be that it's time for the Chiefs and Larry Johnson to part ways.  Our preference seems to be to deactivate him for the season following this incident.  Either way, the result's the same - no one wants LJ to put on a Chiefs uniform again.