Mock Draft Update



Hello every one if you remeber i wrote a mock draft over the summer and heres my update after watching and looking at stats.

1st Round Terrence Cody Alabama: Already was nominated SEC outstanding player of the week with five tackles and a pass deflection.

2 Ciron Black LSU: with so many good offensive tackles he will drop to the early second round pick and with the way the chiefs are playing i expect us to get the 4th or 5th pick in the draft.

2 Kyle McCarthy Notre Dame: the heart and soul of notre dame defense he"s saved the game for notre Dame

with his devastating hit"s.

3 Jordan Shipley Texas: he's colt McCoy's favorite target and i dont think he's second round skills but he's talented and his the starting kick and punt returner for Texas.

4 Matt Tenant Boston College: well i dont think he would play center for the chiefs but he could be a solid guard when ever brain waters is retired or traded.

5 Myron Lewis Vendervilt: he's 6-2 and good speed and picked off two passes last week at Rice.

6 Brandon Banks KSU: as a k-state fan this guy is amazing he's the most underrated receiver in college football with blazing speed and amazing hands he returned two kickoffs for touchdowns last week and has 3 for the season

he's simply amazing.

7th no pick

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