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Larry Johnson Having Worst Season In NFL History for a Running Back

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Trust me. You won't believe this one.

Of all the things that have been said about Gay-Gate (Gayte?), it's interesting to note that not much has been made about how ridiculously one-sided things already were in Johnson's favor before anything ever started in the first place. In fact, some of the facts below only make Johnson look even worse - if that's even remotely possible.

As if things couldn't get ridiculous enough, the reality is that the Chiefs were already helping Johnson look bad for playing him so much in the first place. And that's what is so surprising about Johnson's anger toward his coach and his playing situation overall. Consider the following: Larry Johnson is FOURTH in Rushing Attempts in the National Football League. Only 15 backs in the NFL have 100 carries or more on the season and LJ has 132 - behind only Cedric Benson, Steven Jackson and Adrian Peterson.

So what about production. Here's where things get really zany. LJ is averaging 2.7 yards/average. That's not pedestrian. That's not even bad. That's historically bad. In this year alone, it's so far below the next worst (Steve Slaton at 3.13) starting back that it's laughable. But it's when you zoom the lens back where things get really... well, you decide.

If you want the clincher, here's the historical perspective... if you project out LJ's stats to an entire NFL season, it would be the single worst season by a running back in NFL history. Johnson already has 132 carries and was on track for 302. With the suspension, that obviously won't happen and he might not run any more this year. But consider this, no running back has ever, EVER averaged 2.7 yards per carry as a starting running back in the NFL. Only Jonathan Wells of the 2002 Houston Texans averaged worse than Johnson and that was splitting time with James Allen that season - as both backs finished with just over 500 yards.

Think about this for a second. With his yardage and production, LJ should be fourth in rushing attempts in the AFC West. But it's not. It's not even the AFC in general. We're talking about the entire NFL. Somehow amid arguably the worst rushing season in National Football League history, Todd Haley & Co. keep running the same guy out there, giving him his precious carries. Of course, that reflects poorly on them as well, but that's another post entirely. Back to the matter at hand.

How does a guy compiling such a historically poor season complain about a coach who continues to provide him opportunities one after the other - to the tune of being a top four back in the NFL? It makes no sense. If anything, it only shows LJ is so far out of touch with reality that any rational response shouldn't even be expected. I don't know if there's an "insanity" plea in the NFL offices as there are in courtrooms across America, but I, for one, would absolutely accept such an argument.

As for the coaching staff, that's another thing.