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TMZ: Agent Didn't Know LJ's Words Were Offensive?

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Photo via the Kansas City Star

Strange story from  The website spoke with Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson's agent, Peter Schaffer, and provides this quote, which they claim comes from Schaffer:

"We know the N-word is unacceptable, that's not disputable -- but f*g? I'm learning that there's a segment of our society that finds it offensive and that it should not be used. I didn't realize that, but I do know now..."

OK, what?

We can not verify that these are Schaffer's words at this point but is reporting it so I'm going to withhold my judgment on this for now.

LJ hired Schaffer this offseason after former agent Alvin Keels parted ways with him in late October following LJ's previous suspension.

(Sensitive subject so please everyone comment with caution.  Any comments using the above mentioned words in full will be deleted.)