What I Want For Christmas.

Yes it would be a very late XMAS present but heres my first editionof a KC mock Draft

1.Ndamukong Suh- Nebraska- DT

this was a toughchoice because of my man crush on eric berry and taylor mays but Suh is a beast and ron edwards isnt an option. in a 3-4 the NT is essential and we need him. Heres to hoping Eric Berry doesnt enter the draft this year!

2. Brandon Spikes -Florida- ILB

this is ideal and maybe  stretch but it turns out he's all business and would be a phenomenal pickup that would make me very happy.

2. Tony Washington- OT - Abiline Christian

Huge Anchor- 6-7 305 lbs(thats a conservative estimate) reminds me of Bryant Mckinnie. I'd love to have him at RT. gosh thatd be nice

3 Jordan Shipley- WR- Texas

This is my favorite person in the draft. thisguy is such a good football player. Very wes welker esque. i want him in KC Red ASAP

4. Mike Johnson- Alabama- OG

instant upgrade to our O-Line

5. Eric Olsen ND- OG- 

add some depth to the Oline at least, could develop to a good starter

6. Boris Lee-OLB-Troy

Small School- Big Numbers guy- maybe give him a try and hope he turns into Demarcus Ware. ( My late round Sleepers get better and better, but i just started researching though so we'll see.)

Allright i made this for good football convo, bc i was bored and because im sick of hearing about LJ.. hope you all enjoy.

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