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More Reports Say Chiefs Releasing LJ Now is 'Unlikely'

Yesterday, Adam Schefter of ESPN said the possibility of the Kansas City Chiefs releasing Larry Johnson following his suspension is an "unlikely option" at this time.  Today, Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports echoes that sentiment.

"Indeed, the best option on the table," Robinson writes, "and the one that seems likeliest, is Johnson being sent to football purgatory for the remainder of 2009, and then released in the offseason."

Robinson notes Haley's willingness to switch up the roster, as we've all seen during our weekly look at the Chiefs depth chart.

Robinson reports via a league source that the Chiefs have not made any determination on LJ at this time, despite reports out there that a decision has been made.

"A league source familiar with the situation said Thursday morning that despite speculation to the contrary, the Chiefs haven’t decided to cut Johnson in the immediate future. However, his standing with the team beyond this season seems almost sure to have been sealed."

It's looking more and more likely that the Chiefs will send LJ to "football purgatory" instead of outright releasing him.  Doing this prevents him from collecting another paycheck on top of what the Chiefs already owe him for 2009.  Plus, it prevents the Chiefs from furthering a perception that you just have to whine to get out of town.

I think, from our conversations on here, deactivating him, or simply not playing him for the rest of the year, is the preferred option.