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Chiefs Players Avoid Saturday Practice

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The Kansas City Chiefs players practiced well enough this week to avoid a Saturday practice.  Chiefs coach Todd Haley noted that the Chiefs have been in pads more than any other team in the NFL so the players needed the time to recuperate.

"We’ve had a lot of physical practices," Haley said, "a very physical camp and I felt like if we practiced well this week – which we did over three very good days of practice, especially Tuesday coming off a Sunday game – that they deserved a little time to recuperate and get re-charged. I think they’ve earned this time and we’ll be back on Monday and be ready to get back to work."

Despite the time off, Haley did point out that this doesn't mean they're slowing down at all.

"I think we’ve got a better idea about our football team right now going into the second half of the season and we’ve got our work cut out for us," he said. "But I think they deserve a little time but we’ll be back to work. We’re not going to take our foot off the gas. It’s all part of building this team."

As the players head into a few days off, he said he did reiterate that how these players behave is important to them.

"I delivered a message to them and I’ll keep that between us. I think that’s just common sense."

The coaches aren't as lucky as the players, though.  They'll have some time off but will get together sometime this weekend.