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Chiefs Players Try to Avoid Saturday Practice

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I imagine this is like Saturday detention?  Kansas City City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley told reporters yesterday that even though just Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday practices were scheduled, it's possible the team could have to come in on Saturday.

 "That’s not for sure," Haley said when asked if players had the weekend off. "We’re evaluating these three days and there is a potential for a Saturday practice. We’re going to see how these three days go."

What do the Chiefs have to work on in order to avoid a Saturday practice?

"We’ve got a load of things to work on obviously," he said, "but we’re going to do some self-scouting of ourselves – specifically offensively some of the minus plays and how we prevent those from occurring, when they’re happening, is it a scheme that we’re putting players in a poor position to succeed, is it certain players?"

The coaches will also be trying to figure out exactly has gone wrong in the minus plays area.

"We started a full-length study this morning as a coaching staff and we’ll continue it this afternoon on why and how these minus plays are happening because they’re the root of all evil, so to speak, for us offensively," he said yesterday.

As for the defense, well, there's plenty to work on there as well.

"Defensively," Haley continued, "we’ve got figure out a way to prevent the big play because this is a recurring theme. It’s something that has to change. That’s the plan as far as studying and we’ll practice against each other in areas that we want to work on."

Like the offense, Haley and his coaching staff will try to figure out the big play problem.

"Defensively, this morning we started studying the big plays that we’ve had against us and how we can stop those because I feel if we can do those two things."

I imagine the Saturday practice depends on how well the Tuesday-Thursday practices go.  According to Haley, the team is off to a good start.

"Thought we had a very good practice yesterday, very good practice today. Think the guys are into it, they’re energetic, they’re flying around and I thought it was a competitive, spirited practice."