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Kansas City Chiefs Suspend Larry Johnson Until November 9th

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Photo courtesy the Kansas City Star

Update 9:35 PM: Larry Johnson will appeal the suspension

The Kansas City Chiefs have suspended RB Larry Johnson until November 9th. Per the Mothership:

The Kansas City Chiefs have suspended RB Larry Johnson for Conduct Detrimental to the Club effective immediately. Johnson will not be permitted to participate in any team activities or be on team premises until Monday, November 9th. The Chiefs will have no further comment on Johnson’s status at this time.

That means no practice, no team meetings and no time in the Chiefs facilities.

The official reason is Conduct Detrimental to the Team. Per Kent Babb at the Kansas City Star, this will cost LJ two game checks totaling $660,000.

This also means that he will miss next Sunday's game (November 8th) against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

There's still no guarantee the Chiefs will keep LJ following the suspension or what kind of involvement the NFL will have (if any).