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Schefter: Chiefs Releasing LJ an 'Unlikely Option' Right Now

There are quite a few people in the sports world weighing in on the situation with Larry Johnson and the Kansas City Chiefs.  Adam Schefter of ESPN is one of our favorite and most reliable sports reporters so we usually take notice when he says something.  On ESPN this morning. Schefter called the Chiefs releasing LJ right now an "unlikely option."

"It doesn't make a lot of sense right now to release him so that seems to be an unlikely option," Schefter said this morning.

He likened LJ's release to a reward for the player.  This has been a topic discussed around here before - Is LJ doing this on purpose so that the Chiefs will release him?

"If the Chiefs were to cut him right now it would almost be like a reward," Schefter said, "because his salary is guaranteed for the year and then he can go out and sign with another team at that point in time.  

"The Chiefs could always decide to cut him but the chances are they can wait until the offseason when they could then trade him for some reduced value and get something back and let him go at that point."

He makes a good point on a release being like a reward for LJ.  However, to think there would be a market for a player like LJ is an optimistic thought..  Someone might be willing to take a flyer on him with a short-term deal but to think a team would actually give something up for him in a trade next offseason isn't, I think, realistic.

"The league is looking into the matter and the Chiefs are looking into the matter," he said.  "As we mentioned yesterday, the Chiefs have a bye week so it's not as if they have to rush to a judgment this week."