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Babb: 'I don't think LJ will be cut this week'

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Count Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star as one of the folks that don't think Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson will be released this week.

"Considering everything I've heard, and mixing in some logic gathered from the team's "investigation", I don't think LJ will be cut this week," Babb tweets.

He doesn't go into anymore detail on whether he believes the Chiefs will eventually cut LJ but, as he says above, he doesn't think it'll come this week.

Stagdsp points out that Jim Trotter on ESPN2's First Take also thinks LJ will be around for at least another week.  Per their report, the Chiefs don't want to set a precedent that players can get out of town just by acting up.

"Being told by a KC source that Larry Johnson will never play for [the] Chiefs again," SI's Trotter tweets.  "He's only on [the] team now because KC doesn't want to send [a] message that disgruntled players can force their way out of town by acting up.  But LJ is apparently over in KC."

Trotter also reports that the Chiefs may not wait for a league or team issued suspension and then release him because that could result in a fight with the NFLPA.

I can buy this.  I think the vast majority of folks think LJ will be released at some point.  

There's a report out there that the Chiefs plan to cut LJ this week.  However, the website reporting it has no history of breaking news.  Rotoworld summed up my thoughts well:

"Make sure to take the claim with a big grain of salt, as this website has no history of breaking news. claims L.J. also had to apologize for using gay slurs last season, and that Johnson will be released before the end of the week. The website may simply be reading tea leaves. Still, we wouldn't be one bit surprised if the "report" turns out to be true."

Bob Gretz, on the other hand, says he expects to see LJ back in a Chiefs uniform this season.

What does it all mean?  

It means we're all speculating at this point.  I don't think anyone involved in the decision-making process knows exactly what will happen either.  I think highly placed team officials have an idea of what they want to do but until the "investigation" is complete, we're in the dark just like everyone else.