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Minor Changes to the Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart

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The Kansas City Chiefs released the depth chart for the November 8th game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  There are only a couple of minor changes at wide receiver.

Quinten Lawrence was previously listed as the second team wide receiver behind Dwayne Bowe.  He was released on Sunday morning and re-signed to the practice squad yesterday so he's no longer on the active roster.

Terrance Copper has taken his place behind Bowe and Lance Long follows him.  Long was activated in place of Lawrence on Sunday so he previously wasn't listed on the depth chart.

Kenny Smith was also added to the depth chart as Ron Edwards' backup at nose tackle.

For now, the Chiefs have no other (public) changes to the depth chart.

Jon McGraw still occupies the No. 1 spot at safety ahead of Jarrad Page, Branden Albert is still listed as the No. 2 left tackle because of injury (though he's expected to be back) and Larry Johnson is the No. 1 running back.

Check out the Chiefs depth chart here.