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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 10/28

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There are about a million reports/ tweets out there about the upcoming release of LJ. Every one of them references the RealGM report that has been linked too already. I was unable to find a second, independent report to verify RealGM's.

Understand this: the investigation has nothing to do with what Johnson tweeted about the qualifications of his head coach. Without a doubt it was a slam at Haley, but I can tell you it’s not something that bothers Haley much. He’s heard those things before and whether Johnson likes or respects him, Haley could care less.

What is causing his non-suspension suspension is his use of the homophobic slur "fag."

If Johnson and his behavior had never before crossed the desk of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, then there wouldn’t be much going on here. Johnson would be fined for being an idiot in public; actually they would call it conduct detrimental.

But because L.J. has a history of detrimental conduct and has been disciplined before, he’s much more likely to be slapped with another fine or suspension.

In Your Face With Tweets … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

KC Star Poll: Vote for Chiefs photo of the week

His voice comes through soft but pointed. He remembers his childhood in the Jim Crow South and understands the daggers of inequality and the tarnish of discrimination.

"I went through that," he said. "My generation."

Larry Johnson Sr. said that he vowed so many years ago that he would teach his children to treat everyone with compassion. He said he raised them to consider everyone equal, regardless of race, gender, beliefs or sexual orientation. He said it hurts that his son, Chiefs running back Larry Johnson, used gay slurs in public two times in 24 hours.

"That’s just not who we are and not what we believe," said the elder Johnson, 56. "It’s not how he was raised.

"It’s tough for me as a father."

Father says he's among those hurt by Larry Johnson's remarks from KC Star

Chiefs coach Todd Haley continued this week emphasizing that the team cannot continue hurting itself with negative-yardage plays, such as sacks, penalties and losses.

Haley has said that puts the Chiefs at a disadvantage, and he took that emphasis further Tuesday.

"They’re the root of all evil," Haley said.

Haley said the team’s coaching staff started a study of the team’s offense designed to identify why and how the Chiefs so consistently lose yards.

Chiefs Notebook | Haley targets 'minus plays' from KC Star

Seems to me we have nine bad teams in football right now. For all of you in Buffalo, Chicago and Seattle who want me to include your team in this grouping, sorry. You've show too many signs of life to make the Bottom Nine.

The worst teams fall into three categories. Separating the badness:

The Blow It Up And Start Over Division: Tampa Bay (0-7), St. Louis (0-7), Cleveland (1-6), Kansas City (1-6), Detroit (1-5).

It All Starts With The Quarterback Division: Oakland (2-5), Washington (2-5), Carolina (2-4).

They Never Should Have Drafted Vince Young Division: Tennessee (0-6).

MMQB Mail: Common Denominator Among Five Bad NFL Teams from Sports Illustrated

The Kansas City Chiefs tailback has not only disgraced his team with his misconduct, but he has shamed his school and his father, longtime Joe Paterno assistant Larry Johnson Sr.

Junior came out of school in 2003 as a budding star. He is about to leave the league as a borderline thug, the son that you would never associate with Penn State's loyal defensive line coach.

Chiefs fans are sick of him. Johnson has inched to within a few yards of the club's career rushing record, mixing a brief flash as a dominant runner with a flawed and troubled personal life.

L.J.'s act embarrassing, worthy of hall of shame from CBS Sports

On one play running back Jamaal Charles motioned out of the backfield and acting as a wide receiver took off on a streak pattern. He outran the entire Charger defense for what should have been a significant gain, if not a touchdown, but Cassel threw the ball over the outside shoulder.

Charles had to turn his head blind to the ball to make try and make on a play on the ball that sailed out of bounds. One touchdown lost.

Another example is when wide receiver Bobby Wade came wide open on a wheel route. Coming behind the outside receiver from the slot, Wade found an open field in front of him. Cassel located the receiver but again pushed the bar too far outside. 

Wade made the catch but took himself out of bounds in doing so. An accurate pass would have hit Wade in stride, allowing him the opportunity to run wild down the right sideline. Two touchdowns lost.

Kansas City Chiefs' Week Seven Loss Is on Matt Cassel's Shoulders from Bleacher Report

Johnson was asked by the team Tuesday to stay away from Chiefs headquarters and to not participate in team activities. Investigations are ongoing by the team and the NFL, and Johnson's future remains uncertain. Johnson released an apologetic statement Tuesday through his agent, Peter Schaffer.

At about 7 p.m. today, LJ posted three tweets to his profile, ToonIcon, which went private Monday morning.

In response to a supportive follower, Johnson posted: "Thanks. Sorry for the embarassement."

LJ gets back to tweeting, but this time with more humility from The Red Zone

Player Tweets

almighty31 my producer is bangin joints out nonstop. no bad ones at all

Media and Fans

this first one just sucks

Adam_Schefter Tennessee cut P Reggie Hodges and claimed P Brett Kern on waivers from Denver, meaning he went from an unbeaten team to winless team.

JoshLooney I'd find it shocking 4 n e 1 in the org. To leak info regarding this situation. Not smart. RT @hayden2004: any truth

kb_kcstar Considering everything I've heard, and mixing in some logic gathered from the team's "investigation," I don't think LJ will be cut this wk.

BillKempin: Larry Johnson's apology for his remarks touched as many people as the Kansas City Chiefs' defense on Darren Sproles' touchdown reception.

BlksUpamaN: @QueenJerrica hell yea we will take him. He will be the next Ced Benson and kill the chiefs two times a year for the next five years!! Boom!

jaybthomas: Larry Johnson getting cut by the chiefs. I know he's an ass but he is welcome in Tampa bay asap!