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Chiefs Work Out Two Defensive Tackles

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The Kansas City Chiefs worked out two defensive tackles today according to Bill Williamson of  Shaun Smith and Terdell Sands could both be used as depth behind Ron Edwards.

Sands should be familiar to Chiefs fans.  He was drafted by the Chiefs in the seventh round of the 2001 draft.  He spent time with the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders. He spent three weeks on the New England Patriots this season.

He is listed at 6'8", 355 pounds and is 29 years old (for only another four days).

Smith was a UDFA with the Dallas Cowboys in 2003.  He also played for the Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

He is the guy that reportedly punched Brady Quinn in a locker room fight last year with the Browns.

He is listed at 6'2", 325 pounds and is 28 years old.

Williamson reports that the Chiefs don't necessarily have any plans to sign either one at this time.  It's possible they were just keeping up on players that are out there.