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GLAAD Responds to Chiefs RB Larry Johnson's Apology

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Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Star


"Larry Johnson's apology sends an important message that there is no excuse for using anti-gay epithets.

GLAAD is continuing to call on the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs to use this unfortunate incident as a way to educate and start a dialogue with players and fans regarding the dangers of homophobia in sports

GLAAD's initial statement on Larry Johnson can be read here.  LJ's apology today can be read here.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley said at this afternoon's media session that LJ being told to stay away from practice is not technically a suspension at this time.

After all this, I can say that I will be shocked if Larry Johnson ever suits up for the Chiefs again.  How often does a player get two responses from a gay rights organization?

Interesting note: AP reader ilamaku brought up this report from a few years back.  Joey Porter used the same slur LJ did and received a $10,000 fine.

It sounds as if this is the end of the public dialogue between GLAAD and Larry Johnson. 

At least we hope it is.