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Promising News on the Chiefs Center and Other Injury Notes

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Niswanger_mediumWe'll have quotes from Todd Haley's press conference regarding Larry Johnson shortly but for now, some encouraging news on the starting center for the Kansas City Chiefs.

(Most of these reports are coming from Bob Gretz)

Rudy Niswanger injured his knee in Sunday's loss to the Chargers.  Yesterday, Haley called it a "significant injury of some sort but, hopefully, less significant than we initially thought."  When asked about playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Haley said it "didn't look great initially."

Today, the news is more encouraging.  Haley told reporters that Niswanger will more than likely be back this season, which calmed some fears of the injury threatening the rest of his season.  In fact, he didn't rule out him being available for the Chiefs next game on November 8th against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

After Haley's comments yesterday, many were speculating that Darryl Harris could possible be promoted from the practice squad.  That doesn't appear to be the case at the moment.

With Branden Albert likely to return against the Jags, it's possible the Chiefs could have a completely healthy offensive line.

Three other Chiefs did not practice

S Jon McGraw has a "strained leg" according to Haley and did not practice.  No timetable on his return though Haley did mention that if injuries are going to happen, now's the time with two full weeks to recover.

WR Lance Long is recovering from Sunday's hit to the head.  Some reports said it was a concussion but there's been no confirmation from the team.  We talked with him in the locker room after Sunday's game and he appeared to be fine.

NT Ron Edwards was out with an illness.  Haley said last week that they haven't had anything other than the normal amount of players come down with the flu this season.  Cleveland reportedly had a dozen or so players that were out with the flu.