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49ers Swipe a Chiefs Practice Squad Player

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The San Francisco 49ers have signed Chris Patrick off of the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad Adam Caplan of Scout reports.  The Chiefs re-signed Quinten Lawrence to the practice squad today as well.

Patrick is an offensive tackle that was signed on that day when the Chiefs have eight personnel moves in less than 24 hours.

Patrick was signed by the Giants as an undrafted free agent in 2007.  He's had stints with the New England Patriots,Green Bay PackersDetroit LionsSan Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles.

It's unclear what the connection from the 49ers to Patrick is at this point.

Despite other reports, the Chiefs still have an open spot on the practice squad following Patrick's release.  Lawrence did not take his spot.

So expect another roster move for the Chiefs shortly.

(H/T clarry for the link)