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Five Good Stats from the Chiefs' Loss to the Chargers

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I know, I know. You're already saying to yourself, "What good stats from this game are you talking about?"

Admittedly, there were fewer good stats from this game than any other this season. But that doesn't mean I didn't find some hidden gems after the jump.

You are going to be blow away by the five most positive stats I could find from Sunday's game against the Chargers:

  • Rushing yards (on both sides of the ball)
  • Fumbles
  • Touchbacks (!); and
  • Yards lost on sacks

Intrigued? Check 'em out, after the jump.

121 yards rushing

The Chiefs had their second best rushing performance yesterday, coming in second to the 173 yards gained on the ground in Week 2 against the Raiders.

Larry Johnson had 49 yards rushing on 16 attempts. Jamaal Charles had 4 carries for 33 yards. And Dantrell Savage added 15 yards rushing on 5 carries late in the game.

Even though the Chiefs' running game didn't accomplish much, they did have six rushing first downs. That number in itself isn't that impressive but it did double our passing first downs. If you had to choose between the run game and pass game yesterday, you'd have to say the running game was more effective.

Only 10 yards rushing allowed in second half

The Chargers racked up 125 yards rushing in the first half against the Chiefs and only gained ten in the second half. Yes, the Chiefs were down by 20 at the half. Yes, the Chargers did not have a need to jam the ball down our throats in the second half. Yes, the passing game was potent enough to not even have to run the ball.

But still, you have to hand it to the defense for that goal line stand late in the third quarter. After a Charger penalty nullified a LaDainian Tomlinson touchdown run, the Chiefs defense stuff the Chargers on four consecutive plays on the goal line.

LBs Corey Mays and Demorrio Williams led the charge on that goal line stand and both ended up being the leading tacklers yesterday. Mays also stuffed LT in the first half on the goal line. I think one positive we can take away is that Mays and Williams continue to play pretty well.

Zero fumbles

Whew! Didn't think I was even going to make it to three good stats...

Yes, zero fumbles yesterday Chiefs fans, Did you notice? Even in slippery weather the Chiefs hung on to the ball. Before Sunday, the Chiefs were averaging two fumbles a game. How crazy was that?

Fumbling appears to be one thing that Todd Haley and company corrected in practice leading up to the Chargers game.

One touchback

K Ryan Succop had his third touch back of the

Only 18 yards lost on sacks

Yes, another bright spot! The Chiefs allowed four sacks but those four sacks only added an extra 18 yards onto KC drives. That ties Week 1's total and is behind Week 2's total against the Raiders of 5 yards lost.

That's what we're hanging out hats on nowadays - fewer yards lost on sacks.

Well, unfortunately, tomorrow's 5 bad stats post is brutal. So enjoy these rays of sunshine while you can.