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Lawrence Passes Through Waivers; Chiefs Roster Move Coming?

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817-chiefstexans_sp_081509_dre_0449fWhen the Kansas City Chiefs released 2009 sixth round draft pick Quinten Lawrence, my first thought was that he would be back eventually.  The receiver out of McNeese State is not a vested veteran so he was sent to the waiver wire, where every team had a chance to claim him.

According to Adam Caplan of Scout, he passed through waivers unclaimed, which means he's out on the open market.

Lawrence was released on Sunday to make room for Lance Long on the active roster.  Long made quite an impact in his 32 minutes of NFL action when he was targeted five times, which is the same number as No. 1 receiver Dwayne Bowe.

Lawrence, however, didn't see much action while with the Chiefs only having been activated a couple of times.  He's lined up at receiver and returner.  He also ran the ball once.

I wrote this article after the first preseason game of the year.  I walked away generally impressed with Lawrence.  He talked as if he was definitely "on board" with what Haley was preaching.

"That's one thing the coach was preaching everyday," Lawrence said when I asked him about a devastating block he made on a defender.  "It's pretty much instilled in us everyday with all the receivers and all the running backs.  So, it's nothing special just doing my job."

What makes all this even more likely is that the Chiefs currently have an open spot on the practice squad. 

Josh Looney of retweeted Caplan's tweet so it's caught his attention.

My guess?  Lawrence is signed by tomorrow morning.