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GLAAD Wants Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Punished

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Photo via Kansas City Star

I'm just a fan, far removed from the situation, and I feel embarrassed over this situation.  Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson's use of a homophobic slur has gotten the attention of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Per, GLAAD President Jarrett Barrio had the following to say in light of LJ's comments (which can be seen here and here):

"All too often this is the word that is used to ridicule and harass young gay and transgender athletes on local sports fields across America.

"Professional athletes who use this word need to be held accountable for feeding a climate of intolerance toward our community. NFL officials need to take action and condemn this and future uses of this anti-gay epithet."


If anyone thought this might be brushed under the rug, you're wrong. 

This issue will stay with LJ forever.  It will stay with the Chiefs as long as LJ is a member of the team.

Judging by head coach Todd Haley's comments today that the team is "looking into a couple of situations", I think he might not be a member of the team very much longer.