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Agent: Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Will Apologize

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Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Star

Peter Schaffer, agent for Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnsonspoke with the Kansas City Star this afternoon and slightly expanded upon his comments given to's Bill Williamson last night.

Per Schaffer, LJ will apologize.

"He just used a poor choice of word, a politically incorrect choice of words, and he's going to have to apologize for it. And he should," Schaffer said.

Yawn.  Been there, done that.  LJ repeated his "politically incorrect choice of words" again only hours before Schaffer spoke to the Star.

He also added, "He's not a homophobe."

Schaffer also responds to the comments on LJ's Twitter site about his father and Todd Haley.

"He certainly wasn't taking a shot at Todd or anybody else."

That may be the case.  Maybe I can buy that.  But there's no way to deny that LJ used a homophobic slur, slept on it for a night, woke up and used it again in front of the media.