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Chiefs Coach Declines Comment on Larry Johnson Situation...Kinda

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is meeting with the media as of this posting and opened the session by declining to comment on the Larry Johnson Twitter incident.

"I realize there are probably going to be a lot of questions about a player of ours," he said.  "At this time, we're looking into a couple of situations and I will not have further comment on that."

"I will say that how our players conducts themselves with the media and through the media is very important to myself as the head coach of the Chiefs and to the Chiefs as an organization."

Reporters followed up with more questions about the derogatory slurs used by LJ.

"Again," Haley said, "I'm not going to go into that any further because we are looking into that situation.

And again.

"We are gathering facts so to speak," he said.

He was asked if he felt he still had the locker room, which is an important question at this juncture because some are speculating that LJ's comments about Haley aren't that off-base.  Some say that LJ's the only one who will publicly say that.

"When you have, at 1-5, your best week in practice," Haley said, "I think that's a pretty encouraging sign.  I feel very good about the progress this team is making.  It was not reflected in our performance yesterday and that's the disappointing part."

Haley was asked about his thoughts on Twitter in general and declined to discuss it much.  He was asked a similar question in training camp and said he understood text messaging but not Twitter.  He said he has never looked at it.

"How men conduct themselves," he continued, "and how men represent the Chiefs, is very very important to me and to our owner and our general manager.

Haley was asked if he would ever be offended if someone questioned his coaching ability just because he didn't play football.

"Never, never be offended," he said.

"I think I'm here for a reason, and I think I've earned what I have in the NFL through hard work, execution and results.  If playing is a prerequisite for being a great coach, you can eliminate some names.  I'm here to coach.  I'm not here to play.  And that's the bottomline."