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A Day Later, Another Slur From Chiefs RB Larry Johnson

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(Photo courtesy Todd Feeback of the Kansas City Star)

I've yet to hear the audio but the Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star has gone into slightly more detail on Larry Johnson's exchange with reporters today.  Nick Wright of 610 Sports also reported this exchange.

Somehow, it's gotten worse.

Warning: Graphic language in a quote after the jump.

Per Babb, LJ's final comment to reporters, was "Get your faggot asses out of here."


LJ's agent did not respond to questions from the Star.

In my mind, there's no excuse for using that language at any time.  But, to post something like that on your Twitter account, sleep on it, come to work the next day and again use it is ridiculous.

Kansas City Chiefs management likely wants to get rid of him. That's just my belief, though. Knowing the type of people Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli are, and what they've stood for throughout their careers, I can not imagine they will tolerate this.

Head coach Todd Haley will be asked about the situation this afternoon at his press conference, which will stream live on  I would venture to guess that this will be the most viewed live program in history, which means there is a lot of pressure on Haley at the moment.

Fans want something done about this.  In about 15 minutes, the ball will be in Haley's court.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan for the link)