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Chiefs WR Lance Long Appears to be Fine

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Photo courtesy David Eulitt of the <em>Kansas City Star.</em>
Photo courtesy David Eulitt of the Kansas City Star.

Is it a good thing that besides Dwayne Bowe, the Kansas City Chiefs receiver I'm most excited about has been on the active roster for less than 24 hours?

Lance Long was a Matt Cassel target on five plays.  Long caught two of them. 

One catch in the end zone was reviewed and ruled incomplete.   The picture above comes a split second before he appears to bobble it a little bit.

"I felt like it was a touchdown," he said."but the refs saw something else but they're the ones making the call so you can't do anything about it."

On the second play of the second half, he caught a five yard pass from Cassel and was hit hard by the Chargers' Tim Dobbins.  He tried to get up and kinda stumbled back down.  It was fairly obvious the hit had affected him.

Trainers helped him off the field and to the bench where he stayed for the rest of the game.

"I feel good," he said after the game. "I feel real good.  Made me kind of mad that I couldn't get up but things happen and I"ll be ready to go next week."

This is a pretty quick turn around for him.  The Chiefs officially promoted him from the practice squad this morning. He had been taking more snaps in practice this week as well.

"Whatever it takes to help the team out," he said. Whatever that may be, special teams receiver, whatever it may be.  Tomorrow's a new day and we need to get back to work and continue to work."

One stretch of the game he was a target on three of four consecutive Cassel throws.

"I do," he said when asked if had developed a rapport with Cassel. " We've been practicing with Matt for about three weeks.  I feel we've already developed our good timing.  We were a little off today but we'll be back next week."

"I feel like I bring a lot of energy," he said. "Just in practice and improving each day, getting better and hopefully that'll transfer into the game."

He said he was thankful to play a little bit tonight.

"A loss is a loss in everyone's mind," he said.  "Each week we come in and Coach Haley gets us prepared each week.  We put the last week behind us, a win or a loss, that's how you have to treat it.  This was a brand new week.  Obviously the losses are never easy to handle."

Thoughts on Lance Long and the Chiefs receivers?