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New Chiefs NT Kenny Smith Plays for the First Time in Six Years

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Six years is a long, long time.  Think where you were six years ago.  For me, it was a completely different phase of life with different problems, situations and friends.  A whole lot is different.

For Kenny Smith, he's where he is six years ago - playing in the NFL.  Except that those six years in the middle included no regular season snaps. Besides a couple of preseason games, and some offseason work throughout the years, Smith has not been playing football.

With the trade of Tank Tyler, his role in the offense became extremely important.  So, how did he do in his first action since 2003?

"I was satisfied," he said.  "Technique plays into a lot of it.  Maybe a couple of the plays I was a little high but that comes with the repetition in the game."

"I had a couple preseason games after that," he said referring to 2003, "but once you got the mentality to play football things kinda come to you," he said.

Smith rotated in and out even lining up next to the Chiefs other nose tackle Ron Edwards.

"Just coming out there and getting the intensity part of the game, getting the game speed in the first few snaps and getting into the groove of things," Smith said when asked what the hardest part of returning to the regular season was. "Once a couple snaps got away I was able to get things going."

One advantage Smith has is NOT having been on the Chiefs squad the last two years with all the losses, personnel and management turnover.  Some might look at that as a good thing where he hasn't become accustomed to all the losing.

"You come into every team with a positive outlook," he said.

The familiarity was helped by watching the Chiefs defense the past few weeks.  Smith worked out for the Chiefs a few weeks back and has been keeping an eye on them.

"Of course, I've been watching the teams over the weeks."