Todd Haley is an idiot

The Chiefs didn't have much of a chance to win this game to begin with. They didn't need their Head Coach sabotaging them on top of that. Todd Haley chose to decide the winner of this game in the 1st quarter.

Going for it on 4th and 1 IN THE FIRST QUARTER on their own 40 yard line was absolutely asinine. There is a difference between being aggressive and making absolutely careless and idiotic decisions. The Chiefs are one of the worst rushing teams in the NFL. They can't make yardage on 1st, 2nd or 3rd downs, what made Haley think he could make it on 4th down? I'm all for giving your players a chance to build their confidence, but this was not the time or place.

He does not have the personnel to be making those kinds of moves. He needs to put his ego aside and admit that he does not have the players to do things like that. He needs to learn to work with what he's got.

Lets look at some other WTF moves Haley made.

  • Niswanger gets hurt, so do they put in Alleman, a former 3rd round pick that the Chiefs traded needed draft picks for? Hell no. They move Wade Smith, who had practiced all week at Left Tackle back to Center and put Richardson, whose weakness is pass blocking (so naturally they put him at Left Tackle) in.
  • Boy I'm sure glad they benched Maurice Leggett for being too aggressive on making plays and put Mike Richardson, who got torched all day long in instead. At least he was a former Patriot...
  • I'm not a big Derrick Johnson fan, but the little he's in the game he is making plays. Its time for Haley to get over himself and see if DJ can make it happen over the course of an entire game.

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