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LJ Compares Matt Cassel to Former Chiefs QB Trent Green

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We've heard the Matt Cassel/Trent Green comparison from players before but, if you're like me, you can't hear it enough.  Green was one of the best quarterbacks in franchise history and his five full seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs were one of the best runs in NFL history.

On Friday, Larry Johnson talked about the Cassel/Green comparison.

"I look at him as a young Trent Green because that's how Trent was at an old age," LJ said.  "He was knocked down and beat up and used to always get back up.  For me, I always took pride in making sure he was never touched agin. I think it's the same way for Matt. 

"As long as he keeps getting back up, it makes you be on your ones and twos making sure no one touches him and taking shots like that in the game."

Click through for the difference on Cassel and Green being knocked down.

There's one big difference between Green and Cassel when it comes to being knocked down.  Green's career high was 39 sacks in one season, or an average of about 2.5 a game.  In five games this season, Cassel is being sacked at a rate of nearly four times per game.

In 2003, Green was sacked 20 times in 16 games.  Cassel has been sacked 19 times through week six.

A knock on Cassel is that he holds the ball too long and, while I think that's a valid criticism, it should be noted that in 2006, when the Chiefs line was in decline, Green was sacked 24 times in eight games, which isn't too far off from Cassel's sack-rate right now.

Moving on, LJ also talked about practicing in the rain on Friday.  You can tell in these post-practice press conferences with Haley that he loves working them in the rain.

"He got pumped up," LJ said of Haley.  "When we started going making plays and catching the ball down field he was getting going.  He was getting excited.  He was like 'That's why we stay out here in this rain and why we do this' so it got him excited that his plan was working.  It was good for him to crack a smile because he always walks around with a 'Who is going to get chewed out first' type of face.  It was a good day for us."

LJ said the team is excited after it's first win.  Haley is working them extra hard this week to keep the momentum going.  Like-wise, LJ said he and the other players are putting in a little extra this week to build off of last week's victory over the Washington Redskins.