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Brady Talks Cassel With International Press

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As many of you know, the New England Patriots are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London's Wembley Stadium.  Pats QB Tom Brady met with the press on Friday. 

You can check out the video here where I bet there were over 1,000 photos taken of Brady. Seriously. Photographers are just constantly shooting him while he was at the podium. How many shots do you need?

The audio's a little tough to make out but at one point I believe Brady was asked if he continues to follow Matt Cassel's career.

"Yeah all the time, all the time," Brady said.  "That's my buddy.  Matt and I are like brothers so we still text each other quite a bit.  He's really a great guy and I'm always wishing for the best for him."

It's been mentioned around here a few times Brady and Cassel are friends off the field though that doesn't mean they're trading football tips with their Belichickian philosophy.

I guess you know you've "made it" when the international press are asking about you.

(H/T nycchief for the link)