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Late Chiefs Owner Lamar Hunt Gets a Highway Named in his Honor

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Congratulations are in order for Lamar Hunt and the Hunt family.  A bill has passed in Missouri to re-name part of 435 highway the "Lamar Hunt Memorial Highway".

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Sections of 435, near the stadium and Worlds of Fun (also built by the Hunts), will have signs honoring the late Kansas City Chiefs owner. 

Mr. Hunt's highway will be recognized in pre-game ceremonies this Sunday.  Per the Chiefs:

Those attending the pregame ceremony include members of the Hunt family, Senator Victor Callahan, Rep. Darrell Pollock, Rep. Bob Dixon, Rep. Bryan Yates, and Rep. Jay Wasson who were influential in the passage of House Bill 683, the legislation that designated the stretch of I-435 as the "Lamar Hunt Memorial Highway." Beth Wright, district engineer for MoDOT and the person who ensured compliance with the legislation, will also be in attendance.

Wow.  We have a George Brett Highway and Emanuel Cleaver Blvd so it's about time one of the most influential members of the community is honored.

Congratulations to Mr. Hunt and the Hunt family!

(H/T oldchiefsfan for the link!)