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Chiefs QB Cassel Tries to Explain the "Right 53"

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Is it possible for members of the Kansas City Chiefs organization to be more vague when it comes to talking about the "right 53"?  Though all the power players have given their varying definitions, they all include playing the players that give the team the best chance to win.

For Matt Cassel, it doesn't quite sound like he even knows what the "right 53" means, or at least willing to explain what it means.

"You know," Cassel began, "I think coach could be more specific on it, I don’t really know what the definition of the ‘right 53’ is, but I’m sure it means whoever is going to give us the best chance to win."

Referring the question to the head coach, or the lone voice of the organization, is a New England trait, for sure.  When asked to get a little more specific, Cassel used words like "toughness, awareness doing your jobs".

So if that's the "right 53", then what's the not right 53?  What does Todd Haley not like?

"I don’t know," he said, "it’s hard to say. Some days it’s different than others. Really, in terms of what tests him, you’re going to have to ask him on that."

When asked about New England and the new regime in Kansas City, Cassel cited practice schedules and overall how they want to go about their business as similarities.

"In many regards, there are some similarities in what we did in New England – the culture, the environment and what they’re trying to get across to the players, the messages that we’re sending. I definitely would say there are a lot of similarities in how we’re running the organization, or how the organization is being run, in my opinion."

So is the "right 53" a Kansas City or New England thing?

" I think every NFL team strives to get to the ‘right 53,’ whatever that means – whatever is going to give you the best opportunity to win."

Whatever that means.  After 10 months, I still couldn't give you a definition of the right 53, which is probably the way the Chiefs like it.